Friday, 9 August 2013

Nivea 'Skin Conditioner'

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser, approx €3.99

It appears that Nivea have gone ahead and created the lazy girl's essential for fuss free soft skin. Despite high risk of this being the ultimate gimmick, it seems to really work. During winter I have a more vigilant body moisturising routine - lots and lots of Palmers Cocoa Butter - but in summer I couldn't be less interested in attempting to sleep while coated in a sticky layer of body butter. Enter Nivea's new 'Skin Conditioner' which snuck into my basket last week at the supermarket. I didn't have high hopes but at four quid where can you go wrong?

It says to apply a layer after using shower gel and rinse off but I stepped away from the water and counted sixty seconds after slathering on a thick layer. It appears to be fragrance free which is a pity as I find it hard to see the worth in a product unless it has a vanilla/caramel scent. Texture wise, it's exactly like hair conditioner, and makes you (and the bottle itself) slippery as fuck, so be careful if you have a deep bath/shower hybrid you need to scale out of afterwards like me. I also tested this out while in the bath and paired with Lush's Creamy Candy bath melt my skin felt really nourished.

Post-shower results are nothing special really but I know that the product itself has worked. I feel as though I applied body butter a few hours ago - soft but not sticky and ready to get dressed. While what Nivea have created won't be replacing rich body butters in many routines, I know that I'm going to repurchase it for the days where I just don't have time. The major con with this product is how far you can actually get with one bottle. I used mine every time I washed my hair (every 2-3 days) for two weeks and I probably only have another week of usage left. For me this isn't a huge issue as it's such a bargain and it suits my routine so much, but some will have a problem with how much you have to use to get a satisfactory result.


  1. I really like the concept of this (because I am usually too lazy to use regular body moisturisers) so I am glad to see that it works! :D I will definitely try it!

    1. same here! let me know how you get on! xx


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