Wednesday, 7 August 2013

nails & rings

River Island above knuckle rings, H&M chunky ring, Topshop nail polish in 'Velvet Underground'

A little project I've undertaken recently is to achieve the seemingly naturally unattainable 'stiletto nails' but without the addition of damaging acrylics to my nails.
While I'm realistically never going to achieve ridiculous Lana/Rihanna style pointiness, claws akin to Michelle's seemed achievable. My own nails are strong when I take care of them but I bite when I'm stressed so a little help was needed. I've been tending to my nails over the past few weeks and I've made a lot of progress - with a little help from Sally Hansen of course. Here's a photo of my nails two weeks ago for comparison. Working with my hands a lot has consequences for my nails, they're always getting bashed off hangers and railings which means my thumbs and index fingers are always breaking but the Sally Hansen Maximum Growth treatment has been my saviour here!

Unfortunately there was a mishap this week which means I'm back to stubby square one on two of my lovely claws - I buffed my nails after some advice from Anna and it just didn't work out for me as my nails are a lot longer than hers. It weakened them hugely and I had two dire breakages last weekend which are still being mourned. You live and you learn!

Having nice nails means I've been wearing rings more frequently as I don't mind drawing attention to my hands. I got these gorgeous above knuckle rings in two sets from River Island for a grand total of €6. They're really dainty so I love pairing them with chunkier offerings from H&M who have loads of variations of ring sets at the moment for really cheap!

Will you be raiding the high street for chunky and midi rings now? What do you think of my new nail shape?


  1. The nails look so gorgeous :) I love having mine long, but I've been eating really poorly lately, and they're too weak! The really dainty midi rings are a favorite of mine at the moment, too

    1. you should definitely try the sally hansen base coat, I have the worst diet ever! x

  2. I've never been a huge fan of super pointy nails, but they really suit you and to have grown them out that long and shaped them so nicely is a super cool achievement! For some reason, I just feel gross with long nails. As soon as grow past the tip of my fingers, it's time for a cut! Sally Hansen products are amazing, aren't they? I use the Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat and I love it! Those midi rings are so gorgeous! I've never seen ones like that before. H&M is coming to Australia soon and I'm super excited!

    1. I felt like that for years but I just love how glamorous this shape looks! my boyfriend is creeped out by them though haha! The Insta-Dri topcoat is my favourite! I love Sally Hansen nail care in general!
      I didn't realise Aus didn't have H&M! it's great - so good for basics and the jewellery is the best on the high street!


  3. I love pointed nails but I'm scared of doing it to mine because I also have a tendency to bite them and it's taken me a while to get them long again, yours look good in that shape though! I love the rings as well they are so cool!
    Just to let you know I nominated you for The Liebster Award :)

  4. it looks spectacular! so much envy (I would love to wear it but with my chubby fingers it would simply look like I unpurposely bought too small rings://)
    by the way I love your manicure! :D


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