Sunday, 25 August 2013

a bit of a change...

For months know I've been eager to make a drastic change to my appearance. I hinted back in July that this was going to come in the form of a change in hairstyle, but I was never fully sure what colour it was going to be. I'd narrowed it down to either blue or lavender, but in the end settled for pink (slightly inspired by the beautiful Georgia) and even had an appointment in a hairdressing academy but after a sour experience with said academy (clearly they don't bother with customer service & basic manners) I was fed up waiting and started to make the change myself.

Obviously to lift my natural colour and the remnants of dye in my ends this process took many hours and a lot of bleach and I wouldn't recommend doing this yourself as I did because my hair is fried. I don't particularly care about my hair and am actually happier to have dry hair than super silky hair so this suits me fine - though I obviously am taking care of it and rehabilitating it as much as I can. The colour is patchy & unfinished, I know; I still need to do another all-over bleach but I'm going to wait as long as I can before doing that! If you want to read about how I did it or get any advice I'm happy to make a post but I am not a hairdresser and have no experience in colouring aside from years of abusing the hair on my own head!

Overall I'm really happy and even though I've had somewhat rude comments, the majority of people in my life have responded really well and been lovely about it. One girl who I work with said I reminded her of her Malibu Barbie doll whose hair she used to colour in with highlighter pens; that's a style I could totally get on board with...

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