Wednesday, 19 June 2013

greedy little magpie

heart shaped double flare tunnels and custom black rose tunnels both by Greedy Little Magpie

I've had my ears stretched for about three-four years now, though I did it over a long period of time (as advised) and so the chronology is muddled. In all my time of having my ears stretched I've rarely bought tunnels save for the ones I wear daily; plain, mismatched titanium tunnels (one is single flare, one is double - the shop didn't have both in my size at time of purchase) which cost me a whopping €16 each. I bought a single white rose plug to wear for an event a couple of years ago which broke after a few wears. I struggle to find pretty jewellery to wear in my ears that suits my style and smaller sized holes. Enter Greedy Little Magpie; a Dublin-based online store owned by the lovely Marian, who aims to address the issue of "If unmodified people can have nice earrings, why can't we?". I'm more than happy to support a local business, especially if they are supplying beautiful stock at such reasonable prices, and without horrendous Etsy-esque shipping fees!

My first purchase with Marian  finally arrived to me last week after a number of postal issues and I couldn't be happier. Both styles I ordered are double flared which suits me best as I have neither time nor patience for those little rubber rings that come on single flares. Both are plastic which is maybe not the best option if your ears are freshly stretched but suits me perfectly as they're lightweight, comfortable and, most importantly, pretty. I'm obsessed with the heart shaped tunnels and I think they're so cute and unusual and they're comfortable to wear, however I do think these would look better on a slightly larger stretched ear. The roses are a little heavier on my ears but the stunning intricacy of the petals makes up for the slight variation in weight. I've been alternating between the two for the past week and can't decide which I prefer as they're both so gorgeous.

In terms of customer service, my experience with Greedy Little Magpie was second to none and correspondence with Marian felt more as if I was speaking to a friend than a retailer! Despite a few delivery problems - the fault of which can entirely be attributed the Irish postal service - Marian eventually got my order to me and was a pleasure to deal with. Her business attitude is refreshing and she is a truly nice girl. Custom orders are also welcomed and my black roses were made on request after I saw similar coloured ones on Instagram. I will definitely be ordering from Greedy Little Magpie again - I couldn't find a fault in the product nor the customer experience and I look forward to placing many more orders in the future.

You can follow Greedy Little Magpie on Instagram @greedylittlemagpie and you can find their BigCartel store here.

I'm sure I don't need to state this, but I am writing this post because I love Greedy Little Magpie and was genuinely impressed by my first order with them. I paid for my order with my own money and despite my gushy praises for the store, I am not being asked to write this post.

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  1. I don't have my ears stretched but it's so nice to see really unique tunnels, fair play to Marian for finding a niche in the market.


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