Tuesday, 4 June 2013

red lips

(swatches L-R: Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner in Red Diva, Topshop lip liner in Wheels on Fire, Sleek Pout Paint in Pin-Up, MAC lipstick in Dubonnet, MAC lipstick in Russian Red, MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo)

Recently a matte red lip has become a key element in my everyday make-up routine. I have worn a red lip almost every time I've left the house in the last few months and I'm so addicted that I don't feel like myself unless I'm wearing my favourite red lipstick. I have a few red lip essentials that I'll always have on hand now that I've perfected my red lip routine.
My favourite combination is this Topshop lipliner (I'm obsessed with Topshop lipliners!) and one of the MAC lipsticks - I find it very hard to choose between Ruby Woo and Russian Red. Where Russian Red is a fraction darker, Ruby Woo is undisputed queen of the retro, Hollywood-glamour true reds. However Ruby Woo's texture being a retro matte can lead to some dry lip discomfort and I find it wears off faster than Russian Red because of its texture. Either way I love the two and each get equal use depending on my mood.
For a slightly sexier dark red I love MAC's Dubonnet which I bought just after Christmas and it's the perfect festive shade. Sleek's Pout Paint in Pin-Up is a gorgeous colour but the formula is incredibly lacking so I prefer to use a slight amount over a matte red for more dimension. Finally, while this Rimmel lip pencil is a beautiful shade and has been featured in one of my favourite Lisa Eldridge videos, it's far too soft to achieve a sharp line and I find the nib is constantly breaking and crumbling away.

Do you love a red lip as much as I do? What are your red lip essentials?


  1. red lipstick was the thing that got me obsessive over makeup! and when they're MATTE! oh lordy, I might just faint ;) You look beautiful with red lipstick on btw, I saw your pictures in your 107 Kate rimmel lipstick and I was borderline fangirling!


  2. Your skin tone is beautiful! Have you ever heard of Julie Hewetts line of red lipsticks? Difficult to get hold of but they look divine!

    Mayah x

  3. They all look gorgeous!


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