Sunday, 5 May 2013

red nails & me

l-r: OPI I'm Not Really A Waitress, Rimmel Rapid Ruby, Nails Inc Hampstead Heath, Barry M Raspberry, Barry M Bright Red.

Despite always admiring rich cherry hues I see on other people's nails, I have a slight issue with red nails on my own hands. Any deep ox-blood or burgundy shades are always winners for me but their brighter lighter counterparts just don't sit as sweet. There is something so glamorous about a bright red that I love but whenever I adorn my nails with one of my red hues it just resonates more granny than Gwen Stefani. When I was at school I loved a rich ruby red therefore have built up quite a collection over the years, most of which are still going strong. Rimmel's Rapid Ruby is a polish that has sat in my collection for about five years yet is still delivering formula-wise and possibly the closest to a more wearable burgundy in my collection of reds. When I painted my nails with it last week it lasted a day before I removed it, still unsure. The final verdict is no different, I simply cannot decide. Perhaps my all too-frequent use of red lipstick is preventing the red tones from sitting modern and chic on my nails.

What do you think of red nails? Pin-up girl glamour or too granny for you?


  1. I used to love bright reds and own a couple of different shades. However, when I applied them on my nails last week, I wasn't loving it so much. It's not that I wear red lipstick a lot or think it looks granny, I think it may be because I used to wear it so much, I've grown a little sick of it, I guess! I absolutely adore my burgundy nail colours though. I think they add a dark/goth sophistication to your look, I think. I recently bought Bordeaux by Essie after reading Rebecca from From Roses rave on about it. I think you'd love it too!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! I love a good burgundy, especially a near-black one. My favourite is probably OPI Mrs O'Leary's BBQ, but duly noted and I have added Bordeaux to my wishlist now as I'm sure anything you and Rebecca like will be right up my street! xx


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