Tuesday, 2 April 2013

kissed-off lip colour

I'm more of a fan of the precisely lined lip than a relaxed smudged-on stain. However when the weather gets a little nicer (I've evidently got spring fever, it's still freezing but I wore sunglasses today. Actual sunglasses!) a full-on straight from the bullet lipstick can look a bit overdone. Truthfully I'm a lot more comfortable in a sharp edged matte lip but I love how this looks so I braved the blotted lip trend. Girl About Town was actually the first ever MAC lipstick I bought but it's been sitting unloved for the past few months as I've been opting for darker red hues. To make it look as though my lipstick had been kissed off, I prepped with my favourite lip balm of late, the Nivea lip butter and smudged on the lipstick with my finger, patting and pressing it into my lip before blotting and then as a final touch, running the bullet along the inside of my lip to achieve a bitten effect (as Pixiwoo did in my all time favourite tutorial of theirs, you can see here). I'm not sure it was the most flattering choice as it seems to accentuate the natural creases I have in my lips (they're not chapped I promise!) while a heavier matte lip conceals this a little better. Howver, I was really happy with how fresh this looked as the sun beamed down and it wore really well throughout the day too. I'll definitely be trying it with other lipsticks in my collection, I already tested out the method with Revlon's Fabulous Fig and it looked really effortless so that may be on the cards for my next venture outside the front door!

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