Tuesday, 16 April 2013

above the knuckle rings

mixed finger tip rings, €7.88 for a set of five, ASOS.

These beautiful above the knuckle rings from Fashionology have been playing on my mind for years now. Every pay-day they're in the back of my mind, but something, namely the price, has always held me back. I know the logic of cost-per-wear analysis and I know how superior the quality would be to a high street knock-off, I just haven't ever had the heart to fork over €19 for one tiny ring. All this time I've been waiting for the right retailer to hop on the bandwagon, and here they are. ASOS is now stocking a set of five 'finger tip rings' and for just €7.88 I figured there was no harm in trying, at just over €1.50 per ring. Let me tell you, they are perfect. Now I can channel Barbara's minimal-chic jewellery vibe at a fraction of the price. While I'm sure these will require a quick slick of clear nail polish, for the time being they've satiated my above the knuckle ring cravings sufficiently to put Fashionology's out of my mind once and for all. For now.

How do you feel about the finger-tip ring trend? Are you going to try out ASOS's offering or do you already own an ultra-coveted Fashionology version?


  1. i definitely had the same feeling about tiny delicate rings, i couldn't get them off my mind and i bought a few on ASOS before coming across some at a cheap jewellery shop in real life that were on sale and i got about 20 rings in different metal finishes and different sizes. as much as i'd love to invest in some good quality ones for now the ones i've bought are doing just fine.

    little henry lee


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