Thursday, 7 March 2013

subtle smokey eye

Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, MAC eyeshadow in 'Soba', MAC 217 brush

It's no secret that I'm a verging-on-creepy worshipper of Anna and I just love her neutral, effortless make-up style. After seeing this tutorial I knew I had to re-evaluate my 'no more buying eyeshadows' policy and get MAC's Soba into my collection, pronto. Soba is nothing like anything in my already sizeable eyeshadow collection; a warm mid-brown which MAC describe as a "gold brown with gold shimmer". While obviously MAC wanted to keep it to the point, I feel like this eyeshadow has more dimension to it than simply "gold brown"! It's the perfect colour for all over the lid, on its own or paired with a darker brown in the outer corner. It's extremely flattering and most importantly, easy to use. The soft, satin texture ensures ease of blending, especially when compared to the somewhat chalky matte texture in MAC's repertoire (based on my single MAC matte, which has been far from impressive!). I'll definitely be making more of an effort to include eyeshadow in my everyday look now that this is in my collection!
Do you own MAC Soba? Are you tempted after seeing it here?


  1. this is so lovely, really does make me want to invest in a new palette/eyeshadow pot, maybe this will be it! love how subtle it can be


  2. It looks like such a pretty, wearable shade


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