Friday, 22 March 2013

embracing the pale & some changes!

Illamasqua Skinbase foundation in Shade 2 is available from Illamasqua counters & ASOS

This past winter I've been loving pale skin but I'm so fair that I've been finding it really hard to find a foundation that matches my skin exactly. Recently my boyfriend made a trip to London and picked me up a bottle of Illamasqua Skin Base foundation in the shade 2 and I'm so pleased with it! It evens out my skin tone and blends seamlessly into my ghostly complexion! Here I am wearing it with a slightly smokey eyeshadow look and my favourite red lip. While no doubt I'll be whipping out that beloved tube of Sunshimmer when it heats up a little, as we're experiencing the last dregs of winter I'll happily don my true alabaster complexion.

You may have noticed I've been harping on about some imminent changes to my blog. Basically, this is the last time I'll be posting under the blog name Ruby Woo! I've wanted to change for a while but was stuck for what to change to. This weekend I'll be launching my new blog name & design and from now on you'll find me at Red Lipstick & Tea Parties! I think this name suits me and my blog better and if I'm honest Ruby Woo has always been a temporary name until I've found something I'm happier with! I'm really excited for this fresh start and would love it if you stuck around to see the changes! I'll be posting as soon as the changes are live, and as far as I know there shouldn't be any changes to whether or not you're following me, however I just wanted to announce it in case of any confusion.

Thanks so much for reading and see you on the other side!

Monday, 18 March 2013

instagram & an update

follow me on Instagram @serenaelliott

A bit of a boring post from me this evening! I've been growing increasingly addicted to Instagram over the last few weeks and even though my posts aren't of the quality I'd like (no iPhone) I've been really enjoying sharing snippets of my life! I'd love it if you could follow me on the app as I'd love some new people to follow!

Also as Google Reader is no more I wanted to direct any followers to my Bloglovin page here! I personally use Bloglovin to keep up to date with my favourite blogs but if you are a user of Google Reader I've seen lots of helpful tutorials about transporting your Blogroll from one site to the other which are easily accessible via Google.

I have already mentioned this but there's going to be a few changes in the next week or two - including a name change, so keep an eye out for any announcements. Thank you all so much for reading! :)

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

the vanity

A bit of a different post from me today. I'd prefer for my blog to be a mixture of different aspects of my life and not just focusing solely on beauty all the time, so I thought I'd do a sneak peek of my dressing table. I started working on my room during the summer and it's almost perfect in my opinion. The dresser is the part I'm happiest with for now, and it's definitely my favourite piece in my room. I wanted to share it with you (and it gives you further insight into my daily routine!) and I really hope you all like it.

I've really been enjoying immersing myself in blogging recently and I hope you've enjoyed my more frequent posting. I have a lot of ideas for where I want this to go in the coming weeks so keep a look out for some changes!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

bright lips

Rimmel Apocalips in Stellar, MAC lipstick in Impassioned, MAC lipstick in Girl About Town, Topshop lipstick in Fire Cracker.

In everyday life I'm very monochrome and very safe with my make-up and outfit choices. I'd love to make like Bip Ling and wear a bright lip all the time but most of the time it's a neutral or a red/burgundy shade. I have some beautiful neon shades in my collection but rarely have the confidence to wear them. However, as I'm wearing an increasing amount of black I'm starting to feel like maybe it's okay to wear some more daring shades on my lips and nails. Cue a dig through my lip stocks to see what fits the bill.
In this photo I have on the Rimmel Apocalips in the shade Stellar, which I bought after seeing how pretty it looked on Estée. I love the texture of these and while this shade is extremely similar to MAC's Impassioned I find it has more red tones in it which makes it a lot more flattering on my skin tone.
I kept the rest of my make-up and my nails really simple here, but during last summer I loved dipping my toes into the matchy-matchy trend of bright orange nails à la Essie's Fear or Desire and Topshop's lipstick in Fire Cracker.
Will you be wearing ultra-brights on your lips this spring/summer? Also keep your eyes peeled for a neon nails edit in the coming weeks! 

Sunday, 10 March 2013

confetti & pastels

 L'Oreal topcoat in Confetti

While the Illamasqua speckled polishes are beautiful I had to resist placing an order of the entire collection as my bank balance simply wouldn't allow it. After seeing L'Oreal had come out with this adorable topcoat with matte black and white particles suspended within I thought it was a really good alternative to the Illamasqua offerings, and meant that I could play around with colour combinations. I think neutral or pastel shades are going to be best with this trend, in order to channel the Cadbury's Mini Egg look! Here are some of my favourite pastel shades which I'll be pairing with the topcoat for a pretty spring nail effect.
Have you got this L'Oreal topcoat, or are you lucky enough to own one of the Illamasqua speckled polishes? Do you like this look for spring or think it's a bit naff?

Friday, 8 March 2013

wishlist #6

1. Touche Veloutee concealer, By Terry.
2. oversized t-shirt, Topshop.
3. Convertible Colour in Lilium, Stila.
4. 'Hanna' flatforms, Topshop.
5. nail polish in Ballet Slippers, Essie.

Although the weather isn't very reflective of this, I'm really excited to see all the spring/summer trends coming into the shops! I love making wishlists as it gives me purchases to aim for! Do you make wishlists, either on your blog or in a diary? What's on yours at the moment and what do you think of my current picks?

Thursday, 7 March 2013

subtle smokey eye

Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, MAC eyeshadow in 'Soba', MAC 217 brush

It's no secret that I'm a verging-on-creepy worshipper of Anna and I just love her neutral, effortless make-up style. After seeing this tutorial I knew I had to re-evaluate my 'no more buying eyeshadows' policy and get MAC's Soba into my collection, pronto. Soba is nothing like anything in my already sizeable eyeshadow collection; a warm mid-brown which MAC describe as a "gold brown with gold shimmer". While obviously MAC wanted to keep it to the point, I feel like this eyeshadow has more dimension to it than simply "gold brown"! It's the perfect colour for all over the lid, on its own or paired with a darker brown in the outer corner. It's extremely flattering and most importantly, easy to use. The soft, satin texture ensures ease of blending, especially when compared to the somewhat chalky matte texture in MAC's repertoire (based on my single MAC matte, which has been far from impressive!). I'll definitely be making more of an effort to include eyeshadow in my everyday look now that this is in my collection!
Do you own MAC Soba? Are you tempted after seeing it here?

Saturday, 2 March 2013

the lazy face day

Revlon Nearly Naked foundation in Ivory, MAC Studio Finish concearler in NC15, Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow in 40, MAC Paint Pot in Quite Natural, Max-Factor False Lash Effect mascara, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey.

The past three months have been some of the busiest of my life. For once college has been priority and I haven't found a spare moment in the last three months to take a few blog photos! My appearance has definitely slipped low on my list of priorities, especially now that I've finally come to the dreaded Essay Week. Thankfully I'm used to writing 1,500 words six hours before the deadline and I have a fairly solid routine that I can rely on when I'm short for time! This is more a whittled down version of my everyday face than anything else so it's a fairly good insight into the type of make-up I've been enjoying recently; a lightweight base, moisturised lips and a one-step Brody Dalle style smokey eye.

Thankfully after this week I'll have a bit of time off college to finally get a moment to do all the blog posts I've been wanting to write! In terms of updates.. I've gone for an even shorter fringe and I'm booked in for a tattoo appointment for two weeks time! I definitely got myself stuck into a bit of a rut for the best part of a year but I'm excited to be moving forward and this tattoo is one I've been thinking about for a long long time. Updates will follow!