Friday, 21 September 2012

my first Origins experience

Last night I was feeling a bit sorry for myself for being too unorganised to score tickets to the Caitlin Moran event in Dublin and finally purchased the Origins Drink Up Intensive mask. This is how about 98% of my purchases are made; I'm sad because I didn't do my homework for college, so I need a new lipstick, et cetera.
It was a bit of an impulsive purchase if I'm honest and I would normally plan and budget before spending thirty euro on a face mask, and originally I slipped into Arnotts (Which is a little like the Dublin version of Selfridges, I think) just to have a browse. I was eyeing up the Origins counter which was a little cramped as they had some sort of event on later that evening when I was approached by the sales assistant who was really excellent at her job. She was chatty, friendly, knowledgeable and, most importantly, not too pushy. I felt good about my purchase as I left the store, and still haven't felt the dreaded buyers remorse just yet (as one often does when spending THIRTY EURO on a face mask).

I was also given the chance to sample three of Origins bestsellers as they were running some sort of promotion (lovely sales lady said they do this every September and that my purchase was well-timed). So with the popping of my Origins cherry came three itsy-bitsy freebies for me to try out. I was given a list of ten products and told to choose three; I walked away with 15mls of their famous VitaZing moisturiser, 7mls of Dr Weil for Origins Mega-Bright serum, and 5mls of GinZing eye cream. Success.

I tried out the mask for the first time last night, and I can confirm it is love at first sight, or first use. I applied quite liberally - maybe too liberally, a lot comes out when you squeeze the tube - but by morning my skin had, as promised, drunk up the moisture. My skin is now plump, juicy and glowing and my makeup has lasted beautifully throughout a day of running around trying to catch buses and not be late for lectures. Also, important to note, as always, that it smells beautiful, a really yummy apricot scent.
In terms of value for money, you get a whopping 100ml of product which will last you forever. That, coupled with the thoroughly enjoyable shopping experience and the dinky little samples makes a very happy customer. Thirty euro and sixty cent very well spent.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I would love to hear any feedback. If you've tried out this mask or you have any other Origins product to recommend me I'd love to hear about them. Thanks so much for reading! x

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