Sunday, 9 September 2012

bad blogger

I can't believe it's been three weeks since I've posted here! The last month has been beyond hectic - my room has been ripped to shreds and we're currently putting it back together - new floors, walls, wardrobes, furniture, everything! It's hard work - then last week I braced myself and headed down to Stradbally in Laois for the Electric Picnic music festival. I think I'm a bit too boring for festivals and I definitely missed my home comforts down there but I'm glad I went as I couldn't have missed the bands playing. Then, with barely a night's sleep in between I jetted off to Paris for four days with four of my girlfriends. I am in love with Paris and I miss it already. I got back on Thursday but between working and shopping for university - I'm returning for my second year tomorrow - blogging has fallen by the wayside. I'm determined to change this, however. Hopefully semi-normal posting will resume during the week and will become more methodical as I work out the balance between college and my part time job. In beauty news - I managed to haul 1.5 litres of Bioderma whilst in France as well as some Caudalie goodies but nothing huge or majorly excited - maybe expect a post in the future about my opinions on French pharmacie skincare.

I'd love to hear any news you have or what you've all been up to - if you're starting back in school or college (here in Ireland that's what we call 'uni') let me know how you're feeling about it, I don't think I'm too happy to be returning to be honest! Also let me know if you were at Electric Picnic or just whatever comes into your mind after reading this post!

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  1. Wow sounds like you've been having a mega hectic time, but at the same time amazing! So jealous you went to Paris! I'm going to my first festival this Friday in Cornwall, I am so excited! But my god, I hope it doesn't rain.
    Have followed your blog by the way, just stumbled upon it :) and its an enjoyable read.

    Love Becky xxx


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