Sunday, 23 September 2012

autumn series: nails

(L-R: Nails Inc 'Porchester Square', Essie 'Playa Del Platinum', Essie 'Cocktail Bling', Barry M 'Raspberry', Barry M 'Red/Black', Models Own 'Red N Black')

Honestly, how crappy was this summer? I can't speak for everyone but here in Ireland it was sticky and humid and pissing rain. Every day. Summer colours were inappropriate but so were winter colours. I can't have been the only one who was totally stuck in a rut and frankly, dying for autumn. In celebration of its long-awaited arrival I'm going to do a series on a few of my picks from my collection of what I'll be wearing this autumn; starting with nails and continuing with lips, base & eyes, clothes and finally culminating in a wishlist. First port of call is nails and while my nails truthfully look like shit (I'm back in college so it would seem that naughty stress-induced nail-biting has resumed) and are being given a strong dose of Nail Envy these are the colours I'm looking forward to wearing throughout autumn/winter 2012.

Nudes and winter pastels are always going to be a favourite of mine because more than anything they look really beautiful in the bottle. I recently purchased the Special Edition Jubilee bottle of Nails Inc's hero shade 'Porchester Square' after coveting it for months. While the glam lid is arguably the best thing about this polish it truly is a beautiful shade and has fast become one of my favourites in my collection. It's the closest to Chanel's 'Frenzy' I can afford and it's just the perfect taupey-lavendery-nudey colour.
Essie 'Playa Del Platinum' is a shade I never, ever hear about. It's quite easily duped in OPI 'Did you 'ear about Van Gogh?' and Models Own 'Concrete Mixer' (I have both - d'oh) so if those brands are your preferences or are more accessible to you then that's where you'll find this shade. It's just a nice beige-nude that looks a bit like concrete but..prettier.
Finally Essie's 'Cocktail Bling' from last years winter collection is a stunning muted pastel blue with grey undertones. It's not the most flattering on my skintone but I wear it anyway and just find it to be a really beautiful, elegant shade. As I've stated before I don't buy Essie from Boots but from eBay and my seller of choice can be found here.

When I'm not doing pretty muted colours I'll be going for sophisticated yet vampy shades (you'll see a pattern emerging in my lipsticks post!). I find high-street brands (as in those found in Boots) are great for shades like this and you don't need to spend silly amounts on a red polish from OPI or whoever.
Barry M's 'Raspberry' shade is a beautiful, bright Christmassy red. It has no orange undertones whatsoever and pulls a little plum in some lights, making it perfect for this season. Formula is ok but nothing stand-out as is usually the situation with Barry M but the polishes are cheap as chips and the colour selection is great.
'Red/Black' also by Barry M is a shade that I wore throughout winter last year, constantly painting and repainting my nails with this famous Chanel dupe. It looks black in the photo but on the nails it's just really a very dark wine shade and it really flattering against my pale skin.
Finally, my black of choice is Models Own 'Red n Black'. I initially bought this hoping for a better quality version of the Barry M shade but was slightly disappointed to find that it applies nearly jet black and not the rich burgundy shade I expected. However it is slightly warmer than the traditional black nail polishes which I rocked in my emo days and it is a lot more forgiving on the hands. It also looks quite good in times like now when my nails are shitty and short.

So what nail polishes will you be wearing this A/W? I'm so excited to paint my nails these shades, get a big woolly jumper and a hot water bottle! x

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