Thursday, 9 August 2012

Nars Sex Appeal

Nars blusher in 'Sex Appeal', €29 from Nars counters or online.

My first purchase from Nars came in the form of one of their famously over-hyped powder blushes. I took the plunge when ASOS were running a 25% off discount code so the hefty price tag stung a little less! I originally wanted Douceur but it was sold out on ASOS so, not wanting one of their brighter shades (as I think it's easy to find dupes from Sleek or the like) I went for my second choice of Sex Appeal.
When it arrived I was surprised by how pale it is; it's actually quite similar to MAC's Hue lipstick which is a shade I've never seen before in a blusher. It's a difficult shade to capture on camera and its actually a bit lighter than it shows above. Nars describe it as a 'soft peach' and while that's not a wholly interesting description it is fairly accurate; it's a very muted colour and although it is pale it doesn't lack pigmentation. It has a matte finish and the texture is buttery soft.
I opt for Sex Appeal when I'm wearing a cool toned smokey eye or if I'm just having a minimal makeup day. It's not overpowering but it enhances beautifully and really lifts my complexion. Where usually I would go for a cool toned cheek - something like MAC Well Dressed or Cubic - the past few weeks I've constantly been reaching for Sex Appeal as I love the warmth it brings to my skin. It also goes beautifully with bronzed and contoured cheeks to add dimension.
Unfortunately Sex Appeal is not going to work for everyone. Due to the paleness I think it might come up ashy or not at all on darker skintones. While it's a pity that this is only going to work for the very fair skinned, I am grateful for this as I find it so hard to find blushers that will work for me! I would only recommend this to those with pale skin and I think any higher than a MAC NC/NW 25 might not be so suited to this beautiful blusher.

If you've tried this blusher (or anything else from Nars!) please let me know, and as usual I'd love to hear your opinions and recommendations! I'm a bit of a sucker for Nars and I'm currently trying out their Sheer Glow foundation (and loving it!); I'm also totally enamoured with their packaging!
Also, a side note, I've just watched Katie Taylor kick arse at the Olympic Boxing Lightweight finals - she was amazing and I'm so proud to be an Irish woman today! Let me know if you watched her win gold! x


  1. that looks like such a good blusher!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  2. Looks great on you! (:

  3. wow this looks amazing on you, going to follow xx

  4. the color suits you perfectly dear :D

  5. This looks really similar to the NARS Gina blush that I have just with less colour. This is a great FOTD and your brows are immaculate! Would love to know all the products you have used here (you should list them in the next post you do like this)
    Mucho squee from your newest follower

    1. thanks so much, I'll deffo do that! I just used a matte Inglot eyeshadow and an angled brush for my brows, i get HD Brows done every few months which really helps with the shape! x

  6. i love nars!! great post love! following you now! i have a new post up if you'd like to take a look, thanks.

  7. This looks great on you! I recently purchased NARS Douceur which I am ADORING. It is one of those colours that looks a bit blah in the pan and then incredible on, I really recommend having a look. The lady at NARS recommended Sex Appeal to me, so this may just be my next NARS purchase. I just discovered your blog and I am really loving it! Really great quality :). I have subscribed and will also subscribe on bloglovin.
    I would love it if you could check out my blog too

    1. I want nars douceur soooo badly! thanks for your lovely comment! xx


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